Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Online Application for obtaining the SC/ST & OBC certificate to establish the claim / caste status.

As requested the following memo issued by SDO, Asansol is reproduced here for wide circulation and necessary action so that the entire beneficiary be benefited 



Memo. No. 105/13-BCW(ASN)            `                                                           Dated 15/09/2013
The Principal / Teacher-in-Charge/ Headmaster/ Headmistress,
Sub:- Request for immediate arrangement for obtaining of SC/ST & OBC certificate in favour of the student who are pursuing studies in your institution this year from class - IX onwards through online.
Ref.:- Meeting with the District & Sub-Division level officials held on 09/9/2013 at 2.00 p.m. at SDO, Asansol's meeting hall.
In connection with the above noted subject, you are requested to ensure the online application along with necessary documents for obtaining the SC/ST & OBC certificate to establish the claim / caste status.
The students receiving grants previous year and, having the caste certificates on their own don't have to apply afresh. But the students who have already received the grant for the previous year and not having the certificate on their own have to submit online application. Under such circumstances the students pursuing studies at your institution and not having any SC/ST & OBC caste certificate on their own will have to apply through online from the Cybercafe adjacent to their institution / from any other establishment with such internet facilities. Institution must bear the responsibilities so that duly filled in online application be submitted to the office of the BCWO, Asansol. The modus oprending to get SC/ST $ OBC certificate are given in the proforma enclosed herewith as ready reference.
So with a view to ensure that the ongoing students are not deprived of from getting their benefits of your institution will play an active role regarding application online. It is also worth mentioning that entire process of submission of claims @ previous academic year for providing stipends of Pre Matric & Post Matric scholarship ends on 15th November, 2013.. In the event of any quire further please contact with Shri Ram Naresh Bhakat, Inspector,- BCWO, Asansol (Contact No. 9474694933) & Shri Arup Kr. Sikder Self Assistant, BCWO, Asansol (Contact No. 7872590672).

Enclo:-Check list required to fill up to get                                                                          -
SC/ST & OBC certificate from the end of SDO being the competent authority.               

Yours faithfully,  
Sub-Divisionai Magistrate 

For Citizenship- i. Citizenship Certificate.
Voter I card of self or parent(s) ;:. Authenticated Voter list of self or parent(s) iv. PAN Card of self or parent(s)
v.  Birth Certificate from Competent Authority
vi.  Caste certificate of parent(s)
vii.  Any Govt. Document proving citizenship.
Note: .'alidity of any of these documents can only be questioned only when there is valid reason to believe that such document might have been procured through misrepresentation of facts.
b.  For Permanent residence- i. Land deed or land tax receipt
ii.  Voter list proving residence since 1950
iii.  Birth Certificate proving res'dence since 1950
iv.  Ration Card proving residence sincel950
v.  Caste certificate of parent(s)
vi.  Any Govt. Document proving permanent residence since 1950.
c.  For local residence- i. Land deed or land tax receipt
ii.  Voter I card of self or parent(s)
iii.  Certificate from Competent Authority
iv.  Caste certificate of panent(s)
v.  Birth Certificate v. Ration Card
v i. Rent receipt
viii.  Pass Book of a Nationalised Bank, Gramin Bank, Post Office or Co-operative Bank
ix.  BPL Card
x.  Any Govt. Document proving local residence
d.  Caste identity - i. Caste certificate of any paternal blood
relation and proof of such relation
ii.  Copy of old land deed (prior to 1950) specifying community name in that document
iii. Any Govt. Document proving caste identity
e.  For identity - i. Admit Card
ii.  Voter I card
iii.  PAN Card                       #
iv.  Birth Certificate from Competent Authority
v.  Identity Card by employer/ educational Institution
vi.  Pass Book of Bar k Account
vii.  BPL Card
vii. Any Govt. Document proving identity

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